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Clean break

I think I need a psychic cleansing or something. The election was three days ago, and yet it still occupies waaaaaay too much of my headspace; I keep wandering back into political blogs and news sites and Election night pictures and transition stories, not to mention scarfing up any and all analysis of and "what comes next" articles on Proposition 8 (and I accidentally stumbled into a nest of supporters in the comments to one article, which undid any Zen I might have managed to find).

anzubird pointed me to a story about political withdrawal, which I can totally relate to. This goes beyond looking for good distractions; I need some way to draw a bright line and say "Okay, enough of this for now; there's a whole world of other things to do, think about, write."

Any ideas?
Tags: elections, grr argh, internet
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