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The joys of creation

Between illness, an off week, and the election, I had my first chorus rehearsal in three weeks tonight. I was worried that I'd fallen hopelessly behind, especially on the new work, but it came back to me easily enough, and by next week, which is concert week, I think I should be solid enough to feel comfortable performing.

But the really interesting thing about tonight was that the composer of the new piece came to tonight's rehearsal. He didn't say much, except for answering a question about a possible misprint in the score, and agreeing with one change to a note length -- mostly he stood in the back, and then in the front, listening and, in a few cases, singing along. He didn't react visibly very often, but a few times he smiled, and then I realized what a huge thrill it must have been for him. He must know this piece so well, but he's only ever heard it in his head. Now he knows what it really sounds like. I can only imagine what next week, when we bring in the orchestra, will be like for him.
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