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Commence Concert Craziness

So another concert week is upon me. What does that mean? It means a whole week of getting up early -- I have to open the library to be able to leave on time --. It means driving to Stanford and back five times, for three rehearsals and two shows (this time around, on Friday night and Sunday afternoon, my least favorite combination because I feel like I lose the whole weekend) and getting only one night to be at home (we are "dark" on Wednesday). It means standing for lots of hours and lots of sitting on uncomfortable risers, and going through a whole months supply of bottled water and cough drops. This quarter, it means getting accustomed to a different director, one who I don't like working with nearly as much as our conductor. It means finally being comfortable enough with the music that I can sit back and enjoy the pretty parts, or the fun parts (fortunately, these pieces have plenty of both). So I am content. Tired, but content.

The unfortunate side effect of NaBloWriMo being in November is that it will pretty much always conflict with a concert week. So for basically one week, I end up posting only quick takes, late at night right before going to bed or links gleaned during the work day. Which sort of feels like cheating. Hopefully you will all forgive me. And I can get back to my regularly scheduled blogging once it's all over.
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