KJ (owlmoose) wrote,

I picked the wrong month to have a busy but sort of dull life

This is the problem with NaBloWriMo: finding time, a compelling topic, and inspiration all at once.

I could write about the second concert this afternoon, but since it was very much like the first, except a little better, there doesn't seem to be much point going into any more detail. I could go back to politics, but it seems like it's all been said until something actually new happens, instead of lots of rehashing to past. I haven't had time to work on fic, really, which is too bad because I owe muggy_mountain a story for the excellent Kinoc piece she wrote for our impromptu fic trade, not to mention all those "Out of the Comfort Zone" prompts I haven't touched yet. Work has been busy, kind of stressful, but not in any way that would make for interesting stories. I have read books and watched TV (being one of the half-dozen people who has not yet given up on Heroes, and Top Chef started last week) and movies, but nothing so inspiring that I feel moved to write them up really.

So, apologies for a blah and uninspired November so far. Still a week to go; maybe things will turn around.
Tags: meta, mundane

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