KJ (owlmoose) wrote,

the mind wanders...

...while in the shower...

I'm starting to feel the need for an icon. Not sure what it would be, though. Lots of people just use pictures of themselves, which would be simple. The only decent pictures taken of me recently are my engagement photos, but none of those are scanned in and I'd have to mess with them to crop T out (not that I object to appearing with T, but I think he'd take exception to having his face plastered on my journal). Ideal would be some sort of photo of an owl and a moose together, but a Net search didn't turn up anything I liked. I could always use a photo of my kitty, but that introduces another animal into the equation and I'm not sure I want to go there. Too bad I can't draw for beans. I suppose I could take a photo of one of my many stuffed moose, but I don't have a stuffed owl to go along with it (how did I manage to graduate from BMC without picking up a stuffed owl? A mystery for the ages). I do have that little carved owl that I picked up in Japan, though. If I can find it. Hmm.

...while driving around and listening to NPR...

I love the sound of the human voice. Some voices in particular, I could just lie back and listen to all day. It doesn't matter what they're saying. In fact, sometimes it's better if I don't understand -- I always enjoyed listening to my ex who was fluent in French speak the language. I could just hear the sound without having to think about what the words meant. A pleasant voice is generally one of the first things I notice about a man. The first time I heard T's voice, he had left a message on my voice mail, and I loved the sound of it right away. One of my favorite NPR shows to listen to is the BBC World Service -- all the announcers have melodious voices, and the lovely accents don't hurt.

Sometimes it's distracting, though. At one point, on the program The World, there was a policy wonk talking about the Iraq situation. He had an accent or a speech impediment or something which made him sound just a little like Elmer Fudd. How can you take someone seriously when he's talking about "weaching out to Sywia and Iwan"? I felt bad about it, especially if it is an impediment and not an accent, but I also couldn't help finding it a little funny. Such a terrible person I am.

...while sitting on the stage during a chorus concert...

Watching orchestras play always makes me wonder about having given up the flute. I don't regret trading band for chorus in high school; singing is one of the things that gives me the greatest joy in life. But I do wonder if I would have come to love the flute just as much if I had kept it up. Just because I decided not to play with the band in high school didn't mean I had to quit entirely -- I could have tried out for the local youth orchestra, or gone out for jazz band (although that probably would have meant learning another instrument, since there's not much call for flutes in a high school jazz band). I contemplate other instruments, too. Today, the trombonists caught my eye. One was a woman, which is unusual. Would it have been fun to play a traditionally male instrument? I'll probably never know.

...while walking home from the car...

I have da da duh duh da everything I love
I have saved everything else for you
Something something something something else
la la something through and through(?)

I never learn the words to songs anymore. It used to be that I knew all the words to all the songs of my favorite albums by heard -- DZ and I once sang most of Lincoln from memory -- and I think it's because I used to always sing along, lyrics on album liners in hand. But in recent years, I've tended to listen to music mostly at work, and a cube farm is not really a sing-along environment. Similarly, I'm not going to sing while listening on BART or on headphones in a park. I may enjoy musical performance, but I don't think those audiences would be appreciative.
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