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As an antidote to the world, Jed offers this list of kitten links. Many of these were already familiar to me, but I had not seen this review of a kitten. I particularly enjoyed the chart at the end.

Last night was also a lovely antidote to the world. My friend C is babysitting a sailboat for the weekend, so he invited a group of people to come have a picnic on it last night in the San Francisco Bay. I love boats in all their forms, so I accepted quite happily. We launched from Oakland at around 8pm and pulled back in at midnight. We spent the intervening time sailing around the bay, taking in the view of downtown San Francisco and the Bay Bridge, chatting, eating a dinner that R and S provided for us, including S's delicious homemade pot de creme for dessert, and enjoying an unexpected fireworks display from the best seat in the house. Boats, fireworks, San Francisco, chocolate, friends: it doesn't get much better than that.
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