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Comfort Zone fic: "Lessons"

Title: Lessons
Fandom: FFX
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 895
Pairings: Yuna/Shiva. Kinda. If you turn your head sideways and squint really hard.
Spoilers: For FFX. Set during the Macalania sequence, but to be safe let's say spoilers through Bikanel.
Notes: Written for the "Out of the Comfort Zone" meme, to wildjoy's request of "Yuna/Shiva, innocence". She asked for crack but I'm not convinced this qualifies, unless the pure existence of the kinda, sorta pairing makes it crack by default. But it was the closest I could come.

The stone door slid closed behind her, scraping the walls; the whole room shook when it dropped into place against the floor. Yuna stared at the door for a moment, then finally let herself shudder, releasing all the fear and disgust that she'd worked so hard to hide from Maester Seymour all the way here. Just being separated from him by wall of solid rock made her feel better. She wished that she'd never seen Lord Jyscal's sphere, that she'd never had to discover that a man might be capable of something so terrible. She wished even more that she could find some other way to stop him than accepting his offer of marriage. But she didn't see any other way to get close enough to him.

"Lend me your strength," she murmured, renewing her connection to the fayth who had already joined her, taking what she needed from each of them: the fire of Ifrit, the spark of Ixion, the calmness of Valefor. It was time to set aside her fears and her anger at the maester, to focus on the reason she was here, in the Chamber of the Fayth. Turning, she knelt at the edge of the glowing dome in the center of the floor. She sent a soft prayer of thanks to each of her aeons, and then she cleared her thoughts and closed her eyes. Slowly breathing out, she bowed at the waist and reached out with her mind, stretching into the well of the fayth as she had been trained to do, and she prayed with all her might.

"Please. Please join me so that I might defeat Sin, and bring the people of Spira the peace they yearn to have once again. Help me bring the Calm once more."

She thought the same words again and again, sending her prayer into the void; the passage of time lost all meaning as she searched for the fayth. And after a few moments of eternity, a reply came, a blue spark in the yawning blackness.

"You have come."

Her voice was deep and warm and filled the room with the stillness of the forest after snowfall. Yuna slowly sat up, keeping her head bowed in respect but raising her eyes just enough to see the fayth: a woman, older than Yuna but still young, Lulu's age perhaps, dressed in the heavy robes of a nun sworn to Macalania Temple. "Yes," she replied. "I am here."

The fayth nodded. "Before I accept your plea, you must ask me one question."

Yuna lifted her chin and furrowed her brow. "A question?" None of the other fayth had made a request like this. "What question?"

"Any question you like."

A thousand ideas flooded her mind, but one thought overwhelmed them all, the darkness that had weighed on her spirit for the past three days coming back in full force, and it came bursting from her before she could consider any other option. "How could anyone murder their own father?"

Silence, for a long time, as the fayth seemed to consider her answer, and Yuna felt herself blushing. Finally, the fayth reached out to Yuna, resting a ghostly hand on each shoulder, her touch barely perceptible, sparkling with cold and magic. "It is not for us to know what is in another person's heart," she said, her voice placid as the ice of the frozen lake. "Sometimes people make mistakes, take actions out of anger or fear that they later regret. But do not doubt that there is evil in this world. Not everyone is as pure in their motives as you and your friends, Lady Yuna. This is a hard lesson, but it is one we all must learn. Even summoners. Especially summoners." The fayth lowered her head and looked Yuna directly in the face, blue eyes sparkling with the cold fire of righteous anger. "And so what will you do? Knowing that the world is sometimes an ugly and frightening place, are you still willing to sacrifice your life to save it?"

Yuna swallowed, but she did not look away from the fayth's gaze. "Yes. Of course I am."

The fayth smiled. "Then you are ready for me." She touched her mouth to Yuna's in a lingering kiss, her lips ice-cold yet still soft and light as a feather. A heartbeat later she plunged inside, piercing Yuna to the core like an icicle stabbed into her heart. Yuna cried out from the shock of the cold and at the suddenness of the joining, could take only gasping breaths, frozen in place as the fayth sank into her. And then, just as suddenly, she could move again; she hugged herself, rubbing her shoulders in a vain attempt to get warmer. As she stood there, shivering once again, a word ringing in her mind.

"Shiva," she whispered through chattering teeth. "Your name is Shiva, and now you are with me." Another voice nagged at the edge of her mind, and with gratitude she reached out to Ifrit. He bathed her in his heat, relaxed her breathing until she was warm again; the shaking stopped, and she dropped her arms.

One more deep breath. "Thank you. Now I am ready," she said aloud, letting her voice ring through the inner sanctum. Then she stepped to the door and pressed the catch.
Tags: ffx, fic, meme

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