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Quick takes

A few days ago, we decided that the library needed a total shelf-read by library staff. Ever since, I keep finding excuses to spend time doing it. You know, instead of my real work. Or today, staying longer than necessary after an Open House on a Saturday. But it's so satisfying, putting the shelves in order. I spend half an hour on a bookcase and it looks so much better when I'm done. The other day, I even found a book that had been so badly mis-shelved for so long that the system had marked it as lost.

I like shelving for the same reason -- it takes minimal brain power, but it's not totally mindless, and the effects are both noticeable and immediate. Instant gratification! I don't get a whole lot of that in my job, so sometimes it's nice to go for the quick win.

Sometimes I say that I knew librarianship was my calling because I actually enjoy shelving, and shelf-reading, and shifting (another project that should be undertaken soon).

In other news, T's work had its unofficial holiday party today. T made a chocolate cake *and* creme brulee, which made him everyone's favorite person for the day. And because no one thought to bring matches, he got to use his blowtorch to light some candles. The visual on that was, to say the least, amusing. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture; I'll have to see if anyone else did.

The party also included a white elephant gift exchange. My contribution? My copy of Twilight. The guy who opened it had never heard of it, although his wife recognized the title from hearing about the movie; the CEO, who was acting as master of ceremony for the exchange, pretended to read the back and made a joke about it being an erotic novel, and that theme carried through the rest of the exchange. If only they knew...
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