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Smooth move of the day

When you go in for a 10:30am meeting on a day that you don't normally work until noon, and it turns out that the meeting was never even scheduled, you know your day is off to a fantastic start. It would be one thing if I had gone in and then it was cancelled. Then I could be annoyed with someone else. This way I only get to be annoyed with myself.

None of my other five meetings were cancelled though. (I bet you think I'm exaggerating, but I counted.) And then the student worker who covers the night shift called in, so I got to work the last two hours alone. Fortunately the place was fairly quiet, and I only had to throw out a few people. Ah, the sound of students panicking as finals approach.

So, that was my day. It did improve toward the end, when the girlfriend of a student worker brought in cookies her mom had sent from home. Mmm, homemade cookies.
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