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Christmas Eve update

Quick update from San Diego... I'm writing this from my in-laws' study, where I can look out the window and over the valley, a lush green hill covered with avocado trees across the way. A nice setting for a little LJ. Monday it rained, the clouds cutting off our view; yesterday was sunny and beautiful. The big family gathering was yesterday, and it was good. Tasty food, some good conversations with T's cousins, played a trivia game with the group and got to show off my superpower. Now we're mostlly having a quiet day at home. It's overcast and a little chilly -- I've spent much of the afternoon curled up by the fire, reading an old Newsweek, the one with the complete presidential campaign coverage. Interesting read, although a lot of it is old news to me, the blog junkie.

Tomorrow we fly home, hopefully -- another rainstorm is blowing in. Wish us luck.
Tags: celebrations, family, mundane, travel

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