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Oh good grief

So there are basically three television shows I really care about right now: The Daily Show, Top Chef, and Lost. (And, yes, okay, I'm still watching Heroes, but in terms of my level of caring, it's definitely moved to the second tier.) Top Chef is on Wednesday; Lost had been on Wednesday, but last season it moved to Thursday.

And now it's back to Wednesdays. And the three-hour premiere is at 8pm on 1/21, which means that the third hour is up against Top Chef at 10pm. Now, there is an encore presentation of the same episode of Top Chef that shows immediately afterward. So I should be set, right? Not exactly -- 11pm is when The Daily Show airs.

It would be one thing if this were a one-time issue, but Lost is one of those shows that tends to spill a few minutes over its allotted time. So even if the regular airing time is 9pm, this schedule crowding will continue to be a problem.

Tell me, network gods, what I have done to anger you, so that I can make amends?
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