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Dated but cool

T and I were watching some of the videos generated by the latest Stephen Colbert remix challenge (now there is a man who knows how to harness the power of Web 2.0 to his advantage), and I mentioned that I think the ultimate speech-to-music remix is the Bill O'Reilly flip-out dance remix from a couple of years back. (Which, if you haven't seen it before, you really ought to do so, although it's helpful to watch the original Inside Edition outtake first.) This led him on a search for similar content, and thereby to the Political Remix Videos blog. The videos on there are of varying quality, but I found this mash-up of the three 2008 Obama/McCain debates to be particularly fascinating and well-done:

A few really telling moments in there, but my very favorite comes just at the end.

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    Thanks. :) I enjoyed hanging out with you!
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    Ooooh, I would totally be down with an all-BioWare Kiss Battle, that sounds like so much fun. I would totally prompt for some older IPs like Jade Empire, too :D

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    I've already gotten at least one request to make it an all-Bioware canons kiss battle, which might encourage more participation given the current state of hype for Andromeda... :)

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    I'd love one, and I'm sure the gang over on dragon_age would be (although they're we're all hyping up over Mass Effect Andromeda right now, but still worth posting a…
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    I'm concerned and I don't primarily use DW. I am thinking about backing up my content there, but I'm just not sure about how it will work out. I do need to get on this, though.
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