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Noooooo, pt. 2

Stupid recession, messing with everything I love. First it was books. Now, it's chocolate:

The Hershey Co. said Tuesday it plans to close Scharffen Berger's West Berkeley manufacturing plant as well as the San Francisco factory that makes Joseph Schmidt chocolates and consolidate production at other facilities.

They say they won't stop making it, and they're still committed to high quality, and blah blah blah, but I don't buy it. And I loved the little Scharffen Berger factory. The tour was fascinating, one of my must-visit recommendations for people coming to the Bay Area. I wonder if they'll close the little store in the Ferry Building, and if the chocolate will still be any good.

Of course, we all knew that Hershey's would be the downfall of Scharffen Berger and Schmidt eventually. But it seems particularly bastardly for them to take advantage of the recession as cover. Boo.
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