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Writing goals for February

1. Write or do some substantial editing every day of the month.*

2. Finish FF in Space story (7975 words and counting, omg).

3. Post at least two stories.

4. Make progress on Chapter 4 of Aftermath.

This is a much shorter list than last month. Partly because February is a short month, but mostly because it contains a concert week, and concert weeks are not compatible with making lots of progress in pretty much any project other than surviving the concert week. So I'm dialing back a little, and we'll see how I do.

*Mondays and Thursdays excepted. The only thing that really stressed me out during JaNoWriMo was the worry that I wouldn't have time to get anything written on the nights I get home late, post-chorus/dinner. So at least this month, I'm giving myself those nights off. We'll see if I make up for it by writing more on other days, or if it's just an excuse to be lazy.
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