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fandom pairing meme

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List 20 of your current favorite fictional character pairings (het, slash, canon or otherwise) in no particular order and then tag 4 people to do the same.

1. Paine/Nooj (FFX-2, het, as close to canon as it gets without being technically canon) (duh)
2. Baralai/Yuna (FFX-2, het, non-canon)
3. Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter, het, canon)
4. Sun/Jin (Lost, het, canon)
5. Michelle/Tony (24, het, canon)
6. Paine/Baralai (yes, you heard me) (FFX-2, het, non-canon)
7. Shion/chaos (Xenosaga, het, status unknown because I never finished the game)
8. Squall/Quistis (FFVIII, het, non-canon)
9. Claire/Jamie (Outlander, het, canon)
10. Thursday/Landon (Thursday Next series, het, canon)
11. Jilly/Geordie (Charles de Lint's Newford books, het, semi-canon)
12. Ivanova/Marcus (Babylon 5, het, canon)
13. Ivanova/Talia (Babylon 5, slash, canon)
14. Jadzia/Worf (Star Trek: DS9, het, canon)
15. Picard/Crusher (Star Trek: TNG, het, semi-canon)
16. Gippal/Baralai (FFX-2, slash, non-canon -- sorry Ry ;) )
17. Steiner/Beatrix (FFIX, het, semi-canon)
18. Ezri/Jake (Star Trek: DS9, het, non-canon)
19. Garak/Bashir (Star Trek: DS9, slash, non-canon -- but almost semi-canon)
20. Zack/Lyta (Babylon 5, het, non-canon)


Okay, go! (Y'all don't need to tag others with the meme if you don't want to; I just didn't feel like editing the instructions.)
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