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For the price of a latte, I can have some Internet for the next hour. Awesome. I am once again bogarting the only outlet, but what else am I supposed to do when they provide only one outlet for every computer user at Sea-Tac Airport? Something must be done about the lack of outlets in the world.

The conference is over. Ira Glass was another excellent speaker -- he set up a table on the stage wtih two CD players and a mixing board. It was like being behind the scenes at "This American Life". Someone asked him about their archives, what they do with the thousands, millions of hours they record and never get to use. He admitted that it's never been organized properly and said if anyone wants to help, they should email him. I suspect he has seriously underestimated the number of replies he's going to get.

In general, I got some useful stuff out of the conference, although it's too early to see how practical any of it will be. One of the problems with these librarian conferences is that they tend to be geared toward much larger operations, libraries with a dozen staff members to serve a thousand students, rather than my three. So I don't have time to undertake a lot of these projects. But it's good to have ideas anyway.

I had some great Seattle experiences this trip, too: seeing friends, spending too much money on jewelry at Pike Place Market, the mountains were out on Thursday and Friday -- I think it's been years since I've seen Mt. Rainier, presiding over the city in all its glory -- making for some excellent views, geeking out at the Science Fiction Museum, and one I thought I would miss but didn't: there's a Dilettante in the airport. Two sunny days, two rainy -- about the best balance you can expect for Seattle in the winter/early spring. But I'll glad to be home in a couple of hours. Okay, more like four or five.

So, that was my weekend. How was yours?
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