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Question for Twitter folks

Twitter has eaten at least three updates I've tried to make today. It says I've made 11 updates (12 now, because I just did another test comment), but when I look at my own page or at twitter.com/home, they aren't there. It's two replies to not_cynical, and then a comment that the two replies had disappeared. Is this a known problem? Something to do with @ replies being hidden? But my settings say to show them. Mysterious.

Dear Twitter, please don't make me give up on you because of techinical problems before I even really start using you. Much obliged.

Update: And yet, when I search for "@the_scriptoria", they all appear in search results. I am officially confused.

Update to update: Okay, it ate my last test, too, and that one wasn't even an @ reply. Grr.
Tags: grr argh, internet
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