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Belated birthday party: accomplished. It was a small group, but in its own way, that's just as good as having a cast of thousands -- everyone got to talk to everyone else, and it was actually possible to have the whole group in a single conversation. Last year I did brunch, so this year I went the other way: dessert. T made his signature chocolate cake, SE and SF made cookies and brought *homemade lemon curd* (oh so yummy), and R and S made chocolate cream pie. Tasty stuff. Add a smattering of nuts, fruit, and cheese, and you almost don't need dinner.

I may have a dessert party and a brunch in alternate years from here on out; both strike me as very civilized ways to celebrate a birthday. But in the future, I should probably decide to have the party more than a week in advance. Today was just a little on the crazy side, in terms of running around to get everything done. Worth it, though.
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