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One of the time-honored traditions at a conference is wandering the exhibitor floor and throwing your business card into hats for drawings. Vendors give away all kinds of things. At library conferences, the most common item is of course books, but gadgets also figure heavily: e-book readers (I saw at least one Kindle), PDAs, iPods. No one really expects anything out of it except random emails, but it's easy enough to get off a mailing list, and I try to limit myself to vendors I'm at least vaguely interested in.

Except this time, I got an email from a publisher, informing me that I'd won an iPod Shuffle! Not the itty-bitty new one, a second generation (and green, not blue like the one in the picture), but still. It arrived today, and it's loading up with music right now.

I never win anything, so this is all very exciting. Not exactly sure yet how it's going to fit into my music-listening lifestyle, but I bet it will be great for the daily commute.
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