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Return that would be triumphant if I weren't about to fall over

17 hours of flying + 3 hours of layover + 9 hours of time difference = one seriously tired KJ.

Rome was excellent. It would have been even more excellent if a pickpocket hadn't gotten my wallet on our second day there, but you can't have everything. More on that, plus zillions of pictures, later. For now, I'll attempt to catch up on as much email and LJ as I can before I faceplant into my keyboard from sleepiness -- we got up at 6am Rome time, which is 9pm Pacific, and I wasn't able to catch a nap on the plane, so I've been awake for over 24 hours. As always, I'll try to read all the way back, but if there's anything you especially want me to see, leave a comment here!
Tags: meta, travel

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