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more on marriage and shoulder update

I think most of you who read this and are in CA also read Jed's blog, but for those who don't: He has a long post on the bill, which includes a number to call to show your support (or lack thereof, if that is your inclination). I never do these things, but I've tried to call. It was busy, but I will persevere.

The shoulder is a little better; it still aches a bit and doesn't really want to move. I have most of my range of motion, but I have to move it slowly and carefully, and it creaks and pops and twinges when I do. It's surprisingly (or maybe not so surprising to those of you who remember the original injury) difficult not to do things I know I shouldn't, like lift boxes of books. I have a doctor's appointment for tomorrow morning. The nurse I talked to on the phone is amazed that I didn't turn up in the emergency room yesterday, writhing in pain. (Which happened when I threw it out the first time.) She told me to ice it, and continue with the drugs, and to keep using it gently -- apparently the biggest risk is that it will lock up. Thanks for all the sympathy as well as the much-needed kicks in the ass.
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