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Alphabet fic meme

Discovered by following links off metafandom. I probably shouldn't start new fic memes when I have at least two I haven't finished yet, but I couldn't resist this one.

Alphabet Ficbits
1. Pick a letter and a corresponding word or expression.
2. Pick a fandom I can write and a character or pairing.
3. I will write a drabble/ficlet for the prompt.

Most comfortable with FFX and FFX-2, of course, but I'll be bold and say any fandom listed in my interests is fair game.

Everyone can start with up to two requests, and once I've filled one you can ask for another if there are still spots in the queue. Hopefully this will keep me from sitting on this forever, as I have been known to do. Oops.

A: Adventure - Rikku/Captian Kirk (reboot) - (requested by muggy_mountain) Done!
B: Adventure - Baralai/Gippal (requested by wildejoy) -- oops, put this in the wrong place, and then someone else took A. I guess B is for Baralai now... Done!
C: Children/Childhood - FFIV cast (requested by first_seventhe) Done!
D: Discover - Penelo/Vaan (requested by bsafemydeers)
F: Favorite - Beclem/Yuna (requested by [info - personal] renay) - Done!
G: Genetic Engineering - Bashir/Sisko (requested by taricalmcacil)
H: Herbs - Maechen/books (requested by muggy_mountain) - Done!
I: Injured - Julian Bashir (requested by deeply_spaced)
K: King - Auron/Kinoc (requested by muggy_mountain)
M: Mi'ihen - the operation, the place, or the person (requested by auronlu)
N: Nefarious - Logan/Veronica (requested by heyheyrenay)
P: Pain - YRP (requested by first_seventhe) - Done!
Q: Queer - Baralai/Yuna, Seymour (requested by stardust808, here)
R: Rarities - Baralai/Nooj (requested by [info - personal] renay) - Done!
S: Solid - Paine/Nooj (requested by lassarina) - Done!
W: Wonder - Maechen/books (requested by muggy_mountain) - Done!
X: Xenophobia - Dr. Julian Bashir (requested by oswulf) - Done!
Y: Yuletide - Baralai and Lulu (requested by stardust808, here)
Z: Zealous - Baralai and Paine (requested by ovo_lexa)
Tags: meme, writing

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