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Summer days

So far, a quite enjoyable trip. Flight was delayed by over an hour and a half but was otherwise uneventful -- I think I even slept a little. I got in around 9am, and then we left for our road trip to Vermont, where we had much yummy ice cream and cheese and maple sugar candy. The sun eluded us for the morning, but around lunchtime the clouds cleared and we found ourselves experiencing a lovely summer day -- we even got to take down the top of the convertible while we tooled around Waterbury. Then we got home late and crashed.

Today was a lazily-exploring-Boston day: pancakes for breakfast, pedicures, walking around downtown, having tea at the public library -- they have a really nice cafe where they serve afternoon tea; it was tasty, if a little heavy on the sweets as opposed to the savories. This evening, we met up with concertinette and her husband for dinner, and then they came back to amybang's for some excellent hanging out and chatting and playing with the kittens. Did I mention the kittens? There are two, they are nine months old and totally adorable. A moth came in, and watching them chase it was both hilarious and adorable. They didn't catch it, but they're still half looking for it to come back. I can tell.

Tomorrow we head off to Cape Cod, another place I've never been. We're taking the ferry to Provincetown (yay boats!) and spending the night at an inn. I won't be bringing the laptop, so I'll bid you all adieu for the next couple of days. Adieu!

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  • 14 Mar 2017, 05:24
    Thanks. :) I enjoyed hanging out with you!
  • 4 Feb 2017, 10:50
    Ooooh, I would totally be down with an all-BioWare Kiss Battle, that sounds like so much fun. I would totally prompt for some older IPs like Jade Empire, too :D

    Give me notice and I'll go spam the…
  • 4 Feb 2017, 07:43
    I've already gotten at least one request to make it an all-Bioware canons kiss battle, which might encourage more participation given the current state of hype for Andromeda... :)

    If I go for it, I…
  • 4 Feb 2017, 02:11
    I'd love one, and I'm sure the gang over on dragon_age would be (although they're we're all hyping up over Mass Effect Andromeda right now, but still worth posting a…
  • 19 Jan 2017, 20:44
    I'm concerned and I don't primarily use DW. I am thinking about backing up my content there, but I'm just not sure about how it will work out. I do need to get on this, though.
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