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Media weekend

Just got back from seeing Harry Potter. It was quite good, possibly the best of series so far, overall. Have to process before I'll have anything more to say, I think.

I also finished the final battle in FFIV, then watched the ending movie, then started with the new game plus (or whatever it's called in this version). Are you not supposed to get the opening CGI movie with the new game plus, or did I make a mistake, or does it come later? Mysterious. Anyway, this I will also need to process, but I liked it too, overall.

Finally, I made good progress in the FFXII replay. Just now starting out for the Garif. This replay has been both more fun and more compelling than I expected. I'm having to resist running downstairs to play right now, in fact.

I'll probably end up writing full posts for all three of these things eventually, since anything useful I could say about any of them would be filled with spoilers. Watch this space.
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