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FFXII Update

Got to Jahara today. Auuugh elementals. I had forgotten how much trouble they are. At least I can still avoid them at this point. Also, were the Ozmone Plains always this hard, or did I just not level up enough?

So I have a question! Do we know for sure that Vossler is dead, or do we consider it a safe assumption because he was still on board the Shiva when the Leviathan blew? Certainly he didn't seem to be making any attempt to escape, but isn't there a slim chance that he could have survived? (It's also possible that he shows up later and I'm just forgetting!)

I wonder about Vossler. Did he truly believe that Vayne would honor the deal, or did he just talk himself into believing it? Would Ashe have been more likely to go along with it at something other than swordpoint if Vossler had actually brought her into negotiations, rather than doing it all on his own without consulting her? It's a fine thing for him to get all high-and-mighty about Balthier's lust for treasure, given what he was doing behind the scenes. Lots of questions about that sequence. Ondore bothers me, too. Was he always hoping to organize a resistance against the empire? Or has he thrown his lot in with the rebels because he sees what way the wind is blowing? He strikes me as the ultimate opportunist. But maybe I'm not giving him enough credit.

Still having a lot of fun with this replay. This is such an enjoyable game. I should have restarted it ages ago.
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