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Weekend of accomplishments

So, what have I been up to?

  • I finished my assignment for ff_exchange! It's a Penelo/Vaan story entitled "Lines of Communication" and it can be found here. I'd never written Vaan before, and Penelo only once in a drabble, so it was my first time with this pairing, but I was pretty happy with how it came out. I'm getting more comfortable with FFXII every time I write it, and of course starting the replay was immensely helpful. I was glad that there was so much interaction between Vaan and Penelo at the beginning; it helped me settle their voices in my head, and reminded me just how much chemistry they have together.

  • I got a handle on my out-of-control jewelry situation. For the last several years, I've kept all my jewelry in a nice box that I got for my BMC Alum work, and it just hasn't been working very well -- stuff gets lost, necklaces get hopelessly tangled, etc. So I went to The Container Store today and bought some clear plastic jewelry boxes -- a necklace stand, an earring hanger, and a small box with a lid, all enclosed to protect against cat incursions. Then I sorted everything out, including putting some of the stuff I never wear into storage. It's become clear, though, that I'm going to need at least one more earring stand for the first tier, especially as I am unlikely to stop buying jewelry! Probably a second necklace stand as well. Also, I'm rather dismayed by how many of my favorite earrings seem to have lost a mate. Such is life, but it's still sad. The box will find another life as a place to store hair stuff.

  • I watched the first episode of Gilmore Girls, thanks to steluch, who lent me the first two seasons last night. This is a series I've been meaning to check out for years, so it's nice to have the chance finally. The first episode was certainly promising...

  • I had a lovely dinner with friends on Saturday -- homemade fajitas, grilled corn, and miscellaneous coladas. Lime colada was probably my favorite, although I'm a little sad that we never got around to mixed berry. But others thought that berry and coconut would be an odd combo, and it could be that they're right. Fortunately, the blueberries made an excellent topping for S's tres leches cake.

  • So when I started this entry, I had an idea that the list was going to be much longer, but everything else is way too dull (grocery shopping! laundry! Bubble Spinner!), so I'll just leave it here. ;) Have a great week, all.
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