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writing progress

I've finished all my Confessional follow-ups except one. This is the story inspired by Ikon's coeurl, the one that practically walked up to me and demanded to be written. I've been inspired before, but never quite so aggressively.

I've been working on it, off and on, for several weeks -- for various reasons, I didn't want to get too deeply into it before finishing "Painkiller". A few days ago, I got blocked. I wrote it up to a certain point and then could take it no further. But the act of admitting I was stuck seems to have unstuck me: not half an hour after making that post, I sat back down with the story, read it through, found an answer, and started moving forward again. As of this morning, I have a complete draft.

Now, I have no idea whether it actually works on any level other than wish fulfillment. It's a romance with a happy ending, and those of you who follow my work know that this is something I have never, ever tried to pull off before. It is easily the fluffiest thing I have ever written (except for one chapter of AGL -- yuna_flowering, you know the one I'm talking about -- and even that ended on a bittersweet note). I think everything follows logically, both from a plot and emotional standpoint. But I've been writing about this couple for almost two months now, and I've gotten too emotionally invested in them -- I'm not objective any more.

I should probably let it sit and not think about it consciously for a few days, then go back to it fresh, but I've never been able to do that. If I have an unfinished story on my hard drive, I will pull it up and poke at it. It just seems to be the way I work. Well, I'll try it anyway.

As for AGL, my poor abandoned story. I went through it a couple of weeks ago and did a full edit, which was helpful. I thought about making some major changes but decided against all of them for various reasons -- some of them probably would improve the story, but none so much that they were worth the overhaul that would be required. So it was mostly minor tweaking and fixing of errors. I'm sort of looking forward to getting back to it and sort of not. I know what I'm doing with the Auron half of the story, but the Liss half is still vague in my mind. I have ideas but am totally unsure whether they're any good. I haven't written anything new on AGL since mid-July, and I'm really curious how it will go once I get back into it. We shall see.
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