KJ (owlmoose) wrote,

More FFEX posting

In the last FFEX round, I posted exactly one story: the regular gift I signed up for.

This time around, I'm now up to five, and I might not be done yet.

Presenting Elemental, a story about Lulu discovering her magic, filled with lots of tasty FFX magic meta. When I was about halfway through my first draft, it occurred to me that this may be the very first full-length story I've ever written featuring Lulu as the main character, which just seems wrong. Lulu is one of my favorite characters, how have I written so little about her? Perhaps I will continue to fix this oversight.

This story was originally a backup assignment; it turned out not to be needed, so I saved and polished and am now posting it as Chocobo Down instead. Looking for something to write? Plenty of great prompts on the Chocobo Down list, which is open to all comers. Check it out.
Tags: ffx, fic, posting

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