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Quiet yet busy

This is one of those weekends that got away from me but I'm not quite sure how. Except, of course, when I actually sit down and list out everything I did, it becomes pretty clear, because it turns out I was kind of busy after all:

Friday -- Editing in the morning followed by a busy day at work, went grocery shopping, watched Top Chef, intense (but good!) online conversations.

Saturday -- Good chunk of writing time, some FFXII, met dagas_isa for an excellent lunch and walk-around, cooked dinner.

Sunday -- Housework, a little more writing (stalled by some image reference research that took waaaaay too long), and a long anticipated trip to the Apple Store... yes, it is true, I have given in to the lure of the iPhone after two long years of fighting its sweet siren call. No one thing really tipped me over. It was just time. Naturally, that means quite a bit of today has been given over to futzing with it: downloading apps, making the wireless work. So far, so good, although I haven't been out in the world with it yet really.

So, that was pretty much my weekend, along with avoiding baseball scores (sigh). Tomorrow marks the return of chorus, which means that summer is really and truly over. On the upside: I get to go back to chorus! Good times.

I hope you all had excellent weekends with good weeks to come.
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