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I'm about halfway through the second season of Gilmore Girls now (just watched the basket auction episode), and I just want to say if Jess doesn't get more sympathetic soon, I'm going to get super frustrated with this love triangle, and with Rory for playing along with it. I do see how they're setting up Jess as a better match for Rory because he reads and is just generally more intellectual than Dean, and in theory I can see the appeal there. And good girl falls for bad boy with secret heart of gold is a classic story. But Jess pushes all my buttons, and not in a good way: he's a thug who seems to have very little regard for the people around him, he's mean to everyone except for Rory, and he's been trying to nag her into liking him from almost the moment he appeared. Now, I am not entirely down with Dean and his jealous streak, either, but who is to say that Rory needs to be with either of them? I'm also suspicious that part of Jess's attraction to Rory is because it gives him the opportunity to needle Dean, which also bothers me: shouldn't Rory be more than a pawn in a turf war? I have to admit, right now I'm really hoping for an "I choose me" moment from her.

Several of my friends who've watched GG are Jess/Rory 'shippers, so I'm willing to watch with an open mind that Jess calms down and becomes more worthy of her. For the moment, though, I'm finding it a little hair-tearing.

Also, I was warned from the beginning that I was going to be shouting "Just kiss already!" at the screen a lot, but still. Dear Lorelei: please realize that you are head over heels for Luke. I can't believe how dense she is about that. Although I have to admit, I like her with Christopher, too. It's sort of the opposite of how I feel about Rory and her two love interests.

At least Sookie and Jackson are completely adorable. They have angst, yes, but it's believable and easily resolved, and I hope they stay together. They make for a nice spot of stability and sanity in the romantic chaos around them.
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