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Icon meme returns

I've done this before, and now I'm doing it again. This iteration is from auronlu.

Comment with the word "ICONS" and I'll select six of yours for you to talk about in your journal.

Ah, Kinoc. I've long been fascinated with Kinoc, and in fact half the reason I wrote my first Auron epic was to explore their friendship/rivalry. This icon comes from a full FFX/X-2 tarot set by parron. "The Tower" is actually meant to be Yevon, represented by Kinoc, which I find rather appropriate. (It's a great set, I should dig around for the link.)

Why a Beclem icon, you ask? Anyone who's read "Aftermath" ought to know the answer to that question. ;) I'd had a short about Beclem in my head for a long time -- years ago, yuna_flowering speculated about his dismissal of summoners and guardians, and that set a bunny about his participation in Operation Mi'ihen off and running. That short became three chapters long and counting (it'll probably be novella-length if I ever finish the damn thing). Once I started writing, I realized pretty quickly that a Beclem icon was going to be required. I couldn't find one (gee I wonder why), so I made it myself. (If anyone is ever inspired to make me a better one, I will fall down and worship at your feet!) I know he's not exactly popular, and I even understand why people don't like him, but I'm really enjoying my efforts to flesh him out a little.

CJ Cregg, kick-ass press secretary of The West Wing. She's my favorite character on one of my all-time favorite shows, so naturally this was one of my first icons. This is also something of an all-purpose icon -- I use it for posts about awesome women, politics and current events, and just general irritation.

Continuing the theme of icons showing women characters I love: this would be one Veronica Mars, the title character of another beloved show. I use this icon in a lot of the same places I would use the CJ icon, actually.

This is a reference to the epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin (GRRM). The next installment of the series has been long delayed (I think the first time I saw an "official" release date, it was in 2007, and depending on what you count, the current book, A Dance With Dragons was supposed to appear nine years ago). So the fans have gotten restless, and some have been known to pester Martin about the delay, and GRRM has not always been gracious in response. (To put it all very mildly.) The Starks are an important family in the book, and [lots of bad spoilery things happen to them]. When I saw this icon, I fell over laughing. The idea that GRRM takes out his frustration with the fans (who are frustrated with him) by killing off Starks is highly amusing.

Omar! He's not my favorite player of all time (that honor is shared by the Matts Cain and Williams), but I like him a lot. His defense is a thing of beauty, quite literally. He was on some wretched teams; the hope of seeing some Omar-fu gave us a reason to keep watching. Mostly, though, I picked this picture to icon for two reasons: I thought the crop of his smiling face and the high-five worked artistically, and the only icons I could find out on the web were either too generic or pictures of Barry Bonds. Not that I have anything against Bonds, really; controversies aside, he was one of the greatest of his generation, and we were lucky to have him. But I got tired of the media circus around him, and the total focus on him to the exclusion of the rest of the team. So I purposefully sought out someone else, and this image really fit the bill. I use this for posts about baseball, of course, but it also makes a great general "woo hoo!" icon.

In other news, I have an amybang all week, so if I'm a little scarce the next few days, that would be why.
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