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random facts meme

Tagged by peachespig. A few of you will already know many of these, but I bet there's no one who knows all of them.

1. Except for Columbus, OH, where I was born and which we left before I was a year old, I never lived in a town of over a thousand people until I was 13. The smallest of these had only 150 residents.

2. I have two brothers, both younger. D, my middle brother, is autistic. I was very grateful when the movie Rain Man came out, because before then almost no one knew what that meant.

3. I can't stand wearing socks, and I wear sandals whenever I can possibly get away with it. Living in California helps a great deal with this.

4. My favorite movie of all time is Amadeus and has been for years. My other favorites (band, book, tv show, etc.) fluctuate constantly, but this one stays constant.

5. I met my husband T via the Internet. Since you get a week free, I put an ad on Match.com out of pure curiosity, not intending to write anyone back. I got dozens of responses and about half a dozen I considered responding to. But I only actually answered one.

6. During the 2003 SF mayoral runoff, I almost didn't vote because I had serious issues with both candidates. It was the closest I've ever come to consciously choosing not to vote in an election. In the end, I held my nose and voted for Gavin Newsom. Now he is unquestionably the elected official I am most proud to say that I voted for.

7. I find watching other people play computer games almost as diverting as playing them myself. During college, I would spend hours watching luvmoose play Tetris, or SimCity, or whatever particular game she was addicted to at the time. Now I'll sit and watch T play almost anything.

8. Speaking of which, I'd played computer games off and on for years, but I never played a console game until 2001, when T put the controller into my hands while I was watching him play Final Fantasy X. I was hooked almost instantly, and now I'm more into RPGs than he is. (Anyone have recommendations to hold me over until FF XII?)

9. When I was a kid, I used to watch football with my dad every Sunday afternoon. I'm not particularly a fan of the sport anymore, but I still speak the language and am more than capable of following and enjoying a game.

10. I hate fruit. Almost every kind of fruit. I'll eat apples, pineapple, a few kinds of berries, the occasional grape or very sweet citrus. But that's it. And it's not just that I'm not fond of the other kinds of fruit. I actively despise most of them.

11. I took a year and a half of piano lessons in fifth and sixth grade. Then we moved, and we couldn't find another teacher. At the time I was grateful because I hated practicing so much. Now I really regret not knowing how to play.

12. I have lived with three of the people on my friends list. Two were college roommates and one is an ex-housemate from a couple of years after college.

13. Except for a year and a half during grad school, I've sung in a chorus since I was in eighth grade -- nearly 20 years of learning and performing choral music. During that time, I have never learned or performed Mozart's Requiem.

14. The only poets I have ever read for pleasure are T.S. Eliot and Dorothy Parker.

15. One of my favorite pasttimes is re-reading a book or story I've already read. It's like comfort food for the mind. Lately, I've found myself re-reading my own work, and I think it's for much the same reason.

16. There are three ordained United Methodist ministers in what I consider my immediate family: my father, my uncle, and my late grandfather (my mother's father). If you go out a couple of generations, there are probably at least a dozen.

17. I am afraid of heights. More specifically, of falling -- I'm fine in airplanes and tall buildings, but put me on any kind of ledge or rickety bridge and I'm very uncomfortable.

18. I didn't get a passport until I was 28.

19. On the other hand, if you count those I've only driven through, there are only ten US states I haven't visited.

20. My most cherished professional dream is to go back to school and get an advanced degree in architectural history. Whether I will ever actually do this is an issue of much speculation for me.

This was a lot of work, but it was definitely an interesting exercise! I won't tag anyone specifically, but if anyone on my FL wants to do this, I'd love to see it.
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