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November writing goals!

It figures that I would get struck by a cold that's making it hard to concentrate on anything just in time for NaBloWriMo. Yeah, I'm going to do it. Or I'm going to try, anyway. Maybe I'll fail on the first day, but at least I will have tried.

Journaling goals:

1. Write and publish at least one unlocked post every day.

2. A check-in post about writing progress counts as a post, but I can only use that as my sole post three days a week.

3. At least four substantial posts per week.

Writing goals:

1. Write something every day.

2. Make progress on Aftermath. (Poor, poor Aftermath.)

3. Finish at least two outstanding request fics, ideally more.

4. Post a completed story at least once per week.

No wordcount goals, either monthly or daily -- those don't work particularly well for me. I do intend to get back into making the charts, though. I do enjoy my charts.

Also, my cheering hat for those of you doing NaNo is firmly on! Let me know if you ever need a boost. :)
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