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In which having played FFV pays off

Back when I first acquired the FFXII soundtrack, I noticed that one of the songs was called "Clash on the Big Bridge". The title was somewhat familiar, the song itself even more so, but it took some cross-checking with my Black Mages albums to discover that it was based on a battle of the same name in FFV. I hadn't remembered hearing it anywhere in the game, so I chalked it up to poor memory and moved along.

Then today, a hunt called "Battle on the Big Bridge" showed up in my queue, so of course I had to check it out.

I followed the breadcrumbs to the Lhusu Mines, went to the bridge where I knew the mark had to be, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a multi-armed man in red. Whom I recognized right away as a recurring FFV boss, the one and only...


I had to laugh. And I laughed even more when he declared himself to be in possession of the greatest swords in the world, and guess what he whips out? Yes indeedy, it was the Buster Sword. The gunblade was next, of course, and then a curvy blade with a sunflower on the hilt which I didn't recognize -- anyone know what that one is off-hand? I kept waiting for Brotherhood, or maybe one of Auron's swords, but the sunflower blade was the last one before I beat him. This time, anyway. It's a multipart battle, in finest Gilgamesh tradition; you can't *really* expect to beat him the first time around.

I approve. It's a fun little nod to fans of the series, and I love that it takes one of the less-played games as its jumping off point.
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