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Probably I shouldn't, but...

I could only mope around the house watching Gilmore Girls for so long. So I came out to Panera. Good coffee, good bagel, and the drugs are helping too. I also seem to be writing my first ever FFXII fic that isn't based on a prompt; we'll see what comes of it.

As for Gilmore Girls, I just finished the third season and watched the first episode of the fourth. I have to admit, I warmed to Jess a little. This may be, in part, because I came to really dislike Dean. Yes, he was right, Rory was treating him rather shoddily by the end, but his constant jealousy with a side of possessiveness didn't really help. And his later campaign to "be friends" was every bit as transparent as Jess told him it was. And then getting married on the rebound? No, no, no. I am leery of anyone who gets married at 18, but to a girl who he's been dating for less than six months? When he beat up a guy to defend the honor of another girl mere days earlier? Tell me another one.

Mostly, though, I just got so tired of Rory always wanting to be with the one she couldn't have, and I hope that the scene-change to Yale gets her off that merry-go-round.

The other thing that I keep thinking about is the episode with Paris's meltdown. The whole trope of "teen girl has sex and gets punished for it" is so common in these kinds of teen/family dramas that it surprises me that it took over two and a half seasons to appear. I do have to say, though, that coincidentally not getting into Harvard makes for a nice twist on the cliche. When she showed up a wreck for the C-SPAN speech, I figured that Jamie had dumped her. But it turns out that it was Harvard that wanted to see other people. Well played, writers. Well played. And I like that Jamie stayed around in the background, even though we never saw him again. Paris is a good character, but she could get a little one-dimensional at times in the earlier seasons. She got more depth in the third season, and I appreciated that.

Okay, back to writing before the drugs and caffeine wear off. Hope you are all having a splendid Monday.
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