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Writing progress update #1

Damn, being sick for all of November so far has really thrown a wrench in a lot of things, of which my writing goals are only one. (Notably, I had to scrap most of my plans for my long weekend, which due to various scheduling things was Sunday through today. Back to the grind tomorrow! At least it'll be a nice short week.) I even missed posting publicly one day, which makes this the first NaBloWriMo that I've failed.

On the other hand, it be worse. I've missed a couple days of fic writing, but only a couple. I posted a drabble on Thursday (it was mostly written already, so all I needed to do was polish), I worked a bit on "Aftermath" and got a good inspiration about where to take it next, and I've gotten over a thousand words on a new WIP in the last two days. I've been terrible about the record-keeping, though, so I have no fancy charts to show you yet. At least I left enough of a trail for myself to reconstruct the data before the end of the month.

So, I guess not too bad, all things considered. I'm really bummed that I'm not going to succeed in daily posting, though. But I suppose all streaks come to an end sometime.
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