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A few words about Top Chef

I have never been much for reality shows. I watched a little Survivor, got hooked on The Apprentice for a few seasons (it went downhill pretty rapidly, but the first season was actually kind of awesome), dabbled in Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Trading Spaces. But the only reality show I have ever truly loved is Top Chef. T is into it as well, and it's a show we particularly enjoy watching together: we talk about the food, and the personalities, and speculate about what will happen next. Plus, he gets to watch Padma, and I get Tom Colicchio, which I think is completely fair. I confess it: Tom Coliccho is probably my biggest TV crush right now. His Diet Coke ad may be one of the best things ever.

Finally, Robin is gone, and I can't say I'm all that sorry. As has been mentioned at a couple of judges tables by now, she's just outclassed at this point. I am, however, immensely pleased that she outlasted the obnoxious and sexist Mike Isabella. Bitch has a great take on his character. Maybe he was a better chef than Robin (and I would also say Eli), but his ouster was just so satisfying. Possibly the best Top Chef elimination moment ever.

Does anyone really think that anyone besides Kevin will win? I know, we've had juggernauts who've lost in the past -- Stefan last season, Richard Blaise the season before -- but I really think Kevin is about as close to a sure thing as it gets in a show like this. Has he ever even been in the bottom, except for Restaurant Wars? He could still choke (we've seen it before), but I'm putting my money on him. If our top three today (Kevin and the Voltaggios) are not the final three, I'll be really surprised.

Restaurant Wars was interesting. I don't think I've ever seen the stronger group collapse so completely. Overconfidence? Maybe. I also suspect that we will never again see a Restaurant Wars team forgo dessert -- that really backfired on them. (Also, you would think by now that every Top Chef contestant would arm themselves with a couple of tried-and-true dessert recipes before they arrive on the set.)

It's been sad to watch Jennifer fade. She was actually my favorite going in, but she seems to slip further every week. It's too bad that she doesn't seem to have the stamina to keep it going in a competition like this.

Just one more to go, and we're down to the final four. Except maybe for Eli, not a single chef in the bunch is one I'd be sorry to see in the finale. Hard to ask for more than that out of a reality show, I'd say.
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