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Random fandom thought

Because I'm the only person who has been uploading FFX-2 fic to AO3 en masse so far, the character with the most stories in the archive is Paine (with 15 out of 25). And Nooj is second (10).

Considering that there are only 102 stories tagged with Nooj's name on FF.net out of over 3000 X-2 stories, and only 38 tags in the ff_press archive, this amuses me. Greatly. (To compare, there are 356 Paine stories on FF.net, and 43 tags in the archive; not huge numbers for her, either.)

Greater visibility for my favorite characters? I am pleased! (Although if other X-2 people want to start uploading fic to AO3 and evening out the numbers a little, I certainly won't complain!)
Tags: fandom, ffx-2, meta, p/n

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