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Year in Review: 2009

This year, ganked from angeltaisha.

Take the first line from the first post of each month, and that's your Year in Review.

January: I don't do New Year's resolutions, but every December I tell myself that I will find a way to write more in the coming year.

February: Progress on specific goals: 1. Write every day in January. Done! [Sigh. January. Those were the days. The days before 2009 went entirely to hell.]

March: Some of you may have heard that the Author's Guild sued Amazon over the text-to-speech capability of the new Kindle, claiming that this feature infringes on their right to sell the rights to audio books.

April: Tomorrow morning, we're heading to San Diego.

May: 17 hours of flying + 3 hours of layover + 9 hours of time difference = one seriously tired KJ.

June: Three entries in a row and all I've done is whine about this poison oak thing.

July: Ah, home, with kitties and T and just missing a heatwave, although I hear it was actually rather nice in SF proper.

August: This is just about the awesomething thing ever. ["This" was a video of Bobby McFerrin playing the audience as a musical instrument at the World Science Festival. It remains one of the most awesome things ever. If you didn't watch it before, you should watch it now.]

September: This is how I know it's Labor Day Weekend in San Francisco: I can hear the jackhammers hard at work on the Bay Bridge.

October: So the new quarter has started.

November: It figures that I would get struck by a cold that's making it hard to concentrate on anything just in time for NaBloWriMo.

December: Because I'm the only person who has been uploading FFX-2 fic to AO3 en masse so far, the character with the most stories in the archive is Paine (with 15 out of 25). [Still true as of this writing, although Baralai has taken over second place from Nooj.]

Feh. Is it over yet?
Tags: meme, meta, mundane, whine

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