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FFXII canon question: Ashe

Still in the "poking around the world doing hunts and sidequests" portion of FFXII, although I'm down to mostly extra Espers and bosses, and I may be ready to move on soon, since I think it would take some serious level grinding to succeed in any of what remains (except the final battle, which ironically I could probably handle just fine as-is).

I do, however, have a question about Ashe's backstory. I can't remember where I first ran across it, but I know I've seen several references to Ashe being the youngest in her family, with some crazy number of older brothers like seven or nine. And I'm wondering where this backstory tidbit came from. Is it canon, some reference or series of references I missed in the game itself? Is is "supplementary" canon (ie. Ultimania or similar)? (However, it's not in her entry on the Final Fantasy Wiki, which I understand draws pretty heavily on the Ultimania guides.) Or is it fanon, either with a single source or developed independently by several people at once?

Secondly, if it is canon or something like it, what happened to her brothers? Do we know? They can't have been killed in the war, because the war didn't start until after Ashe's wedding, and it's pretty clear that she was the heir to Dalmasca's throne when she married Rasler. On the other hand, it seems like it would take something as drastic as a war to do in seven or nine princes. Either that, or an epic conspiracy, but epic conspiracies seem not to be so much a Dalmascan thing. So I am curious.

Any information, thoughts, or discussion are much appreciated. And I apologize if this conversation has been done to death in fandom already; that's what I get for getting involved a couple of years later! But I'm always curious about how memes like this get started.
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