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I am here, really. Just too frazzled with the end of the quarter to be of much use, and then I took the weekend to be a lazy bum. Break starts tomorrow -- as my co-worker H puts it, "the week without students", although Winter Break is actually three weeks, and we do get four days off for the holiday, two four-day weekends in a row. I'm taking a couple of extra days so we can visit T's mom; we leave on Wednesday, come back next Monday. I hope it feels more like a break than the last one did.

The end of the quarter was just nuts; I don't know why it seemed crazier than usual, but it really did. So I'm glad to see it over, and considering how I can plan better for the next one, along with finishing all my break projects. Perhaps it's problematic to hope that the next three weeks can be both productive and restful, but I intend to give it a shot. Ask me in January how it went.

PS: Does the white ornament on the top of the main LJ page look like a moose to anyone else? Or is it just my poor addled brain?
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