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Must be home from a trip...

Because I'm being ambushed by cats. It never fails: when we walk in the door, they're more interested in sniffing every corner of the luggage, but by the next morning they're swarming my feet and demanding love.

The rest of the visit was fine. Sunday we drove up to LA County to join T's aunt and cousins at the racetrack. It's a family tradition for them, but the timing has never worked out for us to join them before. It was the first time I'd ever seen live horse racing, and it was actually pretty fun. T wanted to keep it simple and bet the favorite every time, but that turned out to be a little more complicated than expected because sometimes there was no clear favorite, and once I ended up putting his money on the a horse that ended up in the middle of the pack, odds-wise. (Of course, that horse then won the race...) It ended up being a winning strategy, overall -- he was up $17 at the end of the day, from an initial $5 bet -- but he decided that he prefers gambling games where he has more control over the outcome (in other words, poker).

I had been nervous about the flight back, mostly afraid of long security lines thanks to the incidents this weekend, but the airport was totally empty, and there were no extra security measures taken that we saw. So that all went smoothly. Now it's back to work, but only for two days since we get New Year's Eve off as well as New Year's Day, and really only today is a full work day because tomorrow I'm taking the librarians to lunch. Nice.
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