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Turn the page

I had thought about writing a year in review post, detailing all the reasons that 2009 was one of the worst in memory for me -- I don't think I've had a year that was so unrelentingly difficult since 1998 -- but now that I'm here, on December 31st with an empty window in front of me, I find the concept both oppressive and depressing. Not to mention, I know a lot of my friends have had years that were just as bad, or even worse, and I don't want it to seem like I'm comparing. So instead, I'll just bid the year adieu, and good riddance.

The decade as a whole has fared better, especially in comparison; on a personal level, I think I'll probably look back at the 'Aughts as a good time for me overall. Had some fun in the dotcom boom, then settled into a satisfying library career; strengthened my personal ties into circle of friends, old and new, IRL and online, that I wouldn't trade for the world; and built the early stages of my relationship with T into a good marriage. Of course, none of those things have gone perfectly smoothly: there have been ups and downs, good and bad, in all of it. But in the big picture, I'm pretty content with where I've ended up.

Short-term bad; long-term good. I'll take it.
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