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It all started with the Big Bang

So as often happens, I got to talking with people about fandom projects, and what all we'd like to see, and one idea that came up was the possibility of doing a Big Bang in Final Fantasy fandom.

What's a Big Bang? The short answer is: a fanwork challenge where authors write longer stories over a time period of a few months (most Big Bangs run 5-6 months, and goals are usually either 20,000 or 40,000 words), and artists collaborate with the authors to illustrate the stories, and everyone gets lots of shiny longfic to read and arts to admire. (The long answer is here.)

The discussion went on for awhile, and naturally the first logical step was a poll. To that end:

Here's a poll.

It's based in Google Docs, so you don't need to have an account on any particular service to fill it out. Curious who's responding and what they said? Check out the responses here. Leave your answers in the poll, then come back here to share your thoughts! (Anon and OpenID commenting are on.) And please feel free to send it on to your long-fic writing friends! The more, the merrier.
Tags: fandom, fanfiction, mega flare!, polls
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