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shoulder update

I just got back from the doctor, who checked my range of motion and was pleased with what she saw. But she ordered another three weeks of the bondage contraption, along with light exercises before bedtime. Then I'll go back for another check-up. We'll talk physical therapy at that point -- she said it's too soon now, because the excerise PT would put me through is too vigerous until I get back some more stability on my own.

I like the doctor; she is a brisk, no-nonsense sort who seems to know what she's talking about. I got scheduled with a different person at first, but the new doctor insisted that consistancy of care was too important, that I shouldn't be seen by a different person every time, and she got everyone's schedule rearranged on the fly. An HMO miracle! I had to wait an extra ten minutes but it was worth it.

Only a week of immobilization was too much to ask for, I suppose. Oh well, I will live.
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