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In Defense of Valentine's Day

A lovely defense of today's holiday, from fantasy author Cat Valente. (Her LJ is just worth reading, in general. But this post is particularly lovely.) She makes a beautiful case for a celebration of love, as well as for holidays and rituals in general. And there is some neat stuff on the history of Valentine's Day that I didn't know (invented by Chaucer?). Highly recommended.

Me, I like holidays, and love tradition and ritual, so I'm good with Valentine's Day. Not just as a celebration of romantic love, but of all the love in our lives. As per our tradition, T and I will be staying in and cooking dinner -- fixings for delicious hamburgers and french fries from scratch have already been purchased. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! (And if you can't bring yourself to celebrate, then I wish you a very happy Presidents' Day.)
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