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February update; March goals

Days written: 21/28 (ick)
Words written: 7,128 (22,959 for the year)
Words of fic written: 6,126
Stories worked on: 10
Stories posted: 7 (includes 3 for ff_kissbattle)
Star Trek stories written this month out of total Star Trek stories written to date: 2/2

Not as good as last month in terms of days written, and I really slipped on wordcount; I'm a good 10k words behind the getyourwordsout pace. On the other hand, I probably set my expectations too high for February, given that it contains a concert week. Add in some work crazyness and the fact that "Aftermath" is in beta, and I probably didn't do so badly, overall. But I'm still a bit disappointed in myself.

Progress on specific goals:

1. Write at least six days per week. Yeah, not so much. I barely made five per week. The concert week brought my average down, but I can't blame it all on that.

2. Finish and post at least two stories from the Alphabet Fic Meme. Definitely hit this one, with two stories completed (the two Trek-related stories, as mentioned above).

3. Make substantial progress on Chapter 5 of "Aftermath". A couple thousand words, give or take, although some of those are notes. And I added a chunk to Chapter 4 as well. I'll call this one borderline.

4. Write at least one story for either ff_fortnightly or halfamoon. Done! I wrote a YRP double-drabble for ff_fortnightly, only the second time I've ever written for that comm.

I also posted a Balthier-centric story inspired by a FFEX Chocobo Down prompt as well as three stories for the 2010 Kiss Battle: Isaaru/Yuna, Jecht/Jecht's wife, and Larsa/Penelo.

Two hits, one semi-hit, and a miss. I guess not so bad, although I really wish I hadn't missed the regular writing one, since the daily writing habit is the most important one to form. I do like those posting counts, though. Therefore, March goals:

1. Write an average of six days per week.

2. Finish and post at least one more story (ideally two) from the Alphabet Fic Meme.

3. Finish and post "Aftermath" Chapter 4 (depending on beta) and/or complete an outline for Chapter 5. (This isn't idle talk, either; I want to get this story to a good stopping place before FFEX starts.)

For a month as busy as March is shaping up to be (almost every weekend is already booked, and we're coming up on the end of the quarter at school), I think three goals ought to be enough. We'll see if they're not too much.


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Mar. 1st, 2010 03:38 pm (UTC)
I'm approximately 8K words behind GYWO daily pace, also, so don't feel bad. ♥ We'll do better next month!

(My straight-up skipping 2 weeks' worth of writing: NOT HELPFUL. Or rather as Sev says, helping like a kitty.)
Mar. 1st, 2010 06:34 pm (UTC)
Oh good, it's not just me. :) I have yet to skip more than a couple of days in a row, but if you look up above, you'll see a lot of really tiny days. :P I actually wonder sometimes if posting a lot holds back wordcount, because editing, while valuable, doesn't do much for the totals. (And then I feel silly for worrying about that, since isn't creating well-written works the point? And editing is a huge part of that. Too bad it's not "Get Your Words Edited"...)

FFEX is coming! That will help me, for sure.
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