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Birthday week commence!

Ahhh, an excellent start to a birthday week: a work bowling party that was a lot of fun (not to mention on work time, which means I got a half day at work), followed by a drink and a chat with a co-worker I haven't often gotten a chance to really sit down and talk with. Then drinks with G & C, followed by more friends and a yummy Italian dinner -- some of the best lasagna I've had in a long time. Good food, good drinks, good company: I can't ask for more, really.

Why birthday week? Because it's not over! :D I have lunch with the librarians planned for Tuesday, amybang is flying in Friday (for which I will take another half day), Saturday we're taking this most excellent looking tour, and then Sunday I am hosting a birthday brunch. I've decided that I like spreading out my birthday celebration this way; it gives me more to look forward to.

Last but oh so not least, I can't let the end of the day go by without acknowledging the efforts of a certain conspiracy. :D :D :D It was a fabulous surprise, and I adore you all. <3
Tags: celebrations, friends, warm fuzzies

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