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FFXIII Discussion: A Proposal

First, I must say that I think it's really great that ff_press is linking to people's posts about and reaction shots for FFXIII -- not only do I enjoy getting different perspectives on the game, I think it's an awesome opportunity for people to start meeting each other and hopefully sow the seeds of an active fandom.

However. Everyone is playing the game at their own pace, and so we're all discovering the story at different rates. Not everyone is going to be able to power through and be done in a week. Similarly, some people have read every review and reaction they can get their hands on, while some have gone out of their way to avoid learning anything about the story or the characters (like me -- when I turned on the game Tuesday night, I knew almost nothing beyond the names of the main party characters); still others are somewhere in between. Some people may be eager to learn spoilers; others have spent two years avoiding them. I would like to propose that all of us be very careful about where we leave potentially spoileriffic comments. It seems to me that it's just common courtesy to not spoil someone beyond the point where they said they've played in the game unless they've actively said that spoilers are welcome. Some people may not care, but why risk it in the journal of someone you don't know? Especially when that someone has the potential to be an awesome new friend in a new fandom.

So that's my plea: let's do our best to tread carefully in each other's journals for the next few months with spoiler comments and spoiler icons. I think, in the long run, we'll be a happier, stronger community for it.
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