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Good things

FFEX signups are open! I have signed up. Everyone else should go do that right now.

Also, I had a birthday brunch on Sunday, and it was excellent. I have awesome friends.

Also also, on Saturday I took a chocolate tour with T and amybang. This is highly recommended. Three hours, walking around downtown San Francisco, tasting different kinds of chocolate and truffles, and discovering a couple of excellent shops I didn't even know existed. Yum. And fun.

Also also also, I'm making excellent progress on Chapter 4 of Aftermath. It's only been what, a year and a half? Geez. But anyway, I am on track to post the chapter before getting my FFEX assignment! This is very exciting.

And last but not least, watch this space for an update on the Final Fantasy Big Bang project. Because a few people have asked: no, it's absolutely not too late to drop in on the initial entry and express interest! Take the poll, leave your thoughts. I hope to have a new post with a tentative schedule ready this weekend.
Tags: aftermath, celebrations, city life, fandom, friends, mega flare!
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